And so...The Vi and Mae Shop was born

In my blood:
I grew up with my father owning his own upholstery shop so I've grown up around a sewing machine, fabric and a passion to create. Naturally I’ve leveraged his lifelong experience and passion and learned some fundamental sewing techniques hands on. Shortly after having my first daughter I found myself making custom clothing for her. After that I was hooked and shortly after I bought my own machine, took some classes (bothered my dad a lot) and was sewing at every naptime...The Vi and Mae Shop was born. It wasn't long before I added a serger to my sewing room and that opened up the door to making other items. I've also added my passion for home decor and game day wear to my shop.

What's in a name?
I wanted a name that was both personal and meaningful to me so I incorporated two very important people in my life. My great grandma Viola Mae and my grandma Laura Mae, so that was it The Vi and Mae Shop name honored my loving grandmothers and created a shop name that I loved.

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